23rd July 2014


Wordpress May Be Taking Over the World, here’s why | GEGATT

WordPress May Be Taking Over the World, here’s why | GEGATT

wordpressChances are if you have been on the internet for any length of time longer than ten minutes you’ve encountered a WordPress website. WordPress is, and at its core remains, a blogging platform. Blog is a forcing together of WEB and LOG thereby allowing the every man, woman, and paid adult escort to have a place where she can share all her dirty (or REALLY boring) secrets. Wonderful, right?


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21st July 2014


Moon Animate, Make-Up! 200+ Artists Re-Animate a Sailor Moon Episode

Moon Animate, Make-Up! 200+ Artists Re-Animate a Sailor Moon Episode

The world is still riding the wave of excitement that is the Sailor Moon anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. Part of the hype comes from Sailor Moon Crystal’s animation style re-do, which fits in much better with the aesthetics of the show.

The latest tribute to the classic 90s show comes from Moon Animate, Make-Up, a crowd-sourced collaborative effort of over 200 artists. From October 2013 to July 2014,…

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18th July 2014

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Realism in Film is Killing Animation

Realism in Film is Killing Animation

Realism in cinema today is a problem. Most people feel that in order for a film to be judged as “good” it must be “realistic.” This notion is one hundred percent false. Our fixation on realism leads to the inane nitpicking of films, and eventually to the collapse of the good movie. We read films like computers: it’s all or nothing. A film is wholly good or wholly bad with little in between.

rocket racoon


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16th July 2014


Wikipedia Democratizes Information, find out why | GEGATT

Wikipedia Democratizes Information, find out why | GEGATT


Wikipedia Official Logo

Jimmy Wales decided, one day, to democratize the way we interface with repositories of information. Prior to Wikipedia, when you wanted to know something on a specific subject, your choices were to do web searches, buy books, or purchase access to a paid encyclopedia. The outcome was a less-than-desirable way to find out everything you ever, really wanted to know about…

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15th July 2014


Hey guys! How’s it going?! Essie Cosplay here with pictures from Connecticon. The CosView photographer, Tony, and I hit the scene Friday and Saturday this last weekend to find out all the biz on the cosplay. There was a lot of talent! I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw. Thankfully, the floor wasn’t over crowded with the AOT craze like it was at Anime Boston and we found a vast array of costumes to shoot. (I like AOT but when you see 5 bazillion Levi’s at once, it’s a little much.) Go ahead and pop on down the page and see if you catch yourself.

We will see you when we hit Boston Comic Con in August!!

And if you want to get a personal photoshoot/interview, don’t forget to contact me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/essiecosplay


The CosView Hits Connecticon – Friday and Saturday Hey guys! How’s it going?! Essie Cosplay here with pictures from Connecticon. The CosView photographer, Tony, and I hit the scene Friday and Saturday this last weekend to find out all the biz on the cosplay.

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9th July 2014

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Facebook may be like drinking to Kool-aid, find out why | GEGATT

Facebook may be like drinking to Kool-aid, find out why | GEGATT

There was a time, not so long ago, when Facebook didn’t exist and when it did, it was called The Facebook. Based on the simple premise, used by Harvard houses, of a virtual directory with pictures, Facebook was Zuckerberg’s answer to other people’s ideas. Because, let’s face it, anyone who has on his business card “That’s CEO bitches” isn’t all that creative and doesn’t get the nuance of original…

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8th July 2014

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The CosView - Kelton

The CosView – Kelton

Hey guys! We are back with a new cosplay interview, this time with a master of make up and special effects, Kelton. By recommendation from Su&Dom Cosplay, as well as my eager following of him as a cosplayer, Kelton agreed to stop by and share some of his passion. Thanks for stopping by to check out what Kelton has to say and enjoy the amazing cosplays he has shared with us!!

Like always, we start…

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6th July 2014


DinoLand | Chapter 5: Eating the Young

DinoLand | Chapter 5: Eating the Young

Welcome to the latest chapter of DinoLand, by A.J. O’Connell and illustrated by Max Farinato.
For the previous chapter, click here. To begin reading at Chapter One, click here.

DinoLand, novel

Perdita Patrone, vice president of communications at DinoLand Enterprises, Inc.

I have always loved the dinosaurs, even before they were real dinosaurs, when we were just a dinosaur-themed park with a museum, and I was…

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2nd July 2014


What Everybody Ought to Know About Google | GEGATT

What Everybody Ought to Know About Google | GEGATT

Prior to Google there was … uh … I think I used Alta Vista, primarily. Athough there were a lot of other search engines. The business model followed a bounty model where you could, literally, pay the search engine to place your website or content at number 1. I liked Alta Vista even if it was one of many options that effectively did the same thing and offered the same information.


photo by Mark…

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1st July 2014


The CosView - Miss Sinister Cosplay

The CosView – Miss Sinister Cosplay

Hey everyone!

We are back at The CosView with another interview from the cosplay world. Today is a special day for The CosView. Why? Because I have an interview here with a beautiful cosplayer who I look up to so much. Miss Sinister Cosplay is a diverse cosplayer who tackles everything she can get her hands on, whether the character is male or female. What else makes this cosplayer so unique? She…

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